Sometimes life becomes difficult, stresses build up and
overwhelm us.  Rather than struggle on alone, why not talk
to someone who can help you bring joy back to your life.


Dr. Hanna has been listening to and helping individuals and
couples for over 25 years in the Toronto area. Areas that
Dr. Hanna can assess and treat are anxiety (social anxiety,
general anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
panic attacks) depression, overwhelm, stress, family stress,
perfectionism, procrastination, marital problems, burnout,
anger, grief, infidelity/divorce, low self-esteem, overweight,
addictions, fears, assertiveness, post-traumatic stress
disorder, life transition, stress/coping, phobias, attention
deficit disorder, bereavement, relationship conflict,
spiritual issues, career counselling, job stress, and trauma.

Dr. Hanna is also able to help couples resolve issues and
develop better intimacy and communication.

Usual treatment modes are Cognitive Therapy and
Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy.
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